The Rarest: Tetris on the Sega Megadrive / Genesis

The Tetris license has had more than its fair share of issues, with various companies claiming rights over lots of different platforms.  In the middle of this struggle Sega decided to release a version on the Megadrive, despite only having a very flimsy claim on an already chaotic console release agreement.

Right as it was about to release, Nintendo managed to press their claim and Sega were forced to recall and destroy most of the copies.  A few hundred got out into the wild, making this truly one of the Rarest games on the Megadrive.

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We take a look at Outrun Ports

Outrun is probably one of the best loved Arcade racers out there.  Designed by Yu Suzuki in 1986 it utilised the hardware created for the earlier Hang On and Space Harrier titles.

Because it was an incredibly popular Arcade machine it was ported to many consoles, we take a look at it on:

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