Car Marty Floppy Drive Pinout

Car Marty Pinout

Here’s the Pinout for the Floppy port on the Fujitsu Car Marty.  This will allow you to connect an external Floppy Disk Drive (Japanese 3 mode, 3.5″)

Port as seen from the back of the machine.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

IMPORTANT: Some of the ports marked NC (No Connection) are actually attached to the +7V line, make sure these are unconnected.

1 +7V 14 Step
2 Index 15 GND
3 +7V 16 Write Data
4 Drive Select 17 GND
5 +7V 18 Write Gate
6 Disk Change 19 GND
7 NC 20 Track 00
8 Ready 21 GND
9 HD Out 22 Write Protect
10 Motor On 23 GND
11 NC 24 Read Data
12 Direction Select 25 GND
13 GND 26 Select Side One

This is still a WIP

Fujitsu Car Marty

Fujitsu Car Marty

Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 1996  1997  4K
North America NA NA NA
Europe NA NA  NA

After the Marty flopped Fujitsu gave the technology to their Car Audio arm, Fujitsu Ten.  Their brief was to make use of the Marty‘s capabilities in the car somehow.

Fujitsu Ten succeeded on many fronts, they created the worlds first car entertainment system.  It was capable of using multiple external screens, had built-in GPS (another first) and could use most of the software that worked on the Marty.  In fact, with the addition of an external floppy it could use all of the Marty software.

Once again, however, the Car Marty was far too expensive.  It did not sell well and was pulled from the market after a fairly short time.  It was a harbinger of things to come though and many other companies took notes from the Car Marty design.

The Car Marty itself is pretty hard to get working outside of a car.  There was a cable available, but this is even rarer than the machine itself (which is incredibly rare).  Because it’s made for a car, it needs a 12v power supply (centre negative) and a proprietary connector for video.

We’ve already got a pinout available if you need it, right here Car Marty Accessory Port Pinout

You can at least use a PSU of your choice, which means you can make it work without a step up/down convertor.  But that’s really the only advantage of using this over a standard Marty.

There were two versions released, the MVP-1 and MVP-10.  They’re pretty much the same but the MVP-10 has a slightly different CD mechanism for reliability.

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