NEC SuperGrafx

NEC SuperGrafx

4th Generation Competitors
Neo Geo CD Megadrive Super NES Neo Geo AES CDTV Philips CDI PC Engine
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 8th Dec 1989  1990  6.26M
North America NA NA  NA
Europe May 1990 1990  NA

When the PC Engine started losing ground to the Megadrive, NEC decided to try and maintain the same platform but extend it.  The result would just about keep up with the soon to arrive 16 bit generation and have the advantage of being backwards compatible to the extensive PC Engine library.

Unfortunately, NEC still did not trust their platform enough to push worldwide and Nintendo and Sega already had Japan sewn up.  The Megadrive had been released early the same year and had catapulted Sega to the top of the fight and the SNES was due not long into the next year and was already growing a fan base.

The SuperGrafx did not sell well in Japan and only saw a limited release in Europe.  It only received 6 games that took advantage of it’s extra power.

NEC took some time away from the console market after the failure of the SuperGrafx and, apart from some special editions, only returned with their entrant to the 32 bit Era, which also did not go well.


Processor 8 Bit HuC6280A @ 1.79 or 7.16 MHz
RAM 32K Work Ram, 128K Video Ram
Custom Chips  2 x HuC6270A 16 bit video chips
Video 9 bits 482 colours on screen from a palette of 512
Audio 6 x 5 bit Wavetable Synthesis Channels
Removable storage