Sony Playstation 2

Sony Playstation 2

6th Generation Competitors
Gamecube Dreamcast XBox
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 4th Mar 2000 2012  155M (total)
North America 26th Oct 2000 2013
Europe 24th Nov 2000 2013



Sony took over the console world with their first console, the Playstation.  They had no experience in the market but still managed to outgun Nintendo and Sega.

Needless to say, the industry was looking forward to seeing how they coped with their second foray into the gaming world.  They did not disappoint.

The Playstation 2 was a behemoth in terms of technology, it shipped with a, then, expensive DVD drive.  It had a processor that was designed from the ground up to play games.  It was capable (at launch) of installing Linux, so it could be used as a powerful workstation.

The PS2 was an instant success, true the software attach rate wasn’t great.  Whilst it wasn’t cheap the PS2 was still far cheaper than any DVD player, so many people bought it for that purpose.  This may not have sold games but it put a PS2 in a lot of living rooms.

The rumour is that this fact was the final push the execs at Microsoft needed to fully support the XBox project.  The idea that a company as large as Sony, who seemed to be supporting an alternate operating system to their Windows platform, would control the living room was too much of a risk.

The Playstation 2 was definitely responsible for the very fast acceptance of DVD, it quickly became the single most used DVD player in Japan and probably the world.

The Playstation 2 saw the first 3D version of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.  The franchise is now one of the highest grossing entertainment products of all time.

Sony released a price cut slimline version of the Playstation 2, called the Slim.


The Playstation 2 is considered to be one of the greatest consoles ever made and is the longest lived and highest selling.  It was a genuine display of the art of technology creation and cemented Sony’s role in the gaming world.


Processor Toshiba “Emotion Engine” @ 300MHz
Custom Chips Graphics Synthesiser @ 150MHz
Video 32 Bit Colour, supported 1080i
Audio 48 x Stereo ADPCM channels
Removable storage DVD Drive


Sony Playstation 2
Playstation 2 Slim