An initiative to make open-source and freely available solutions to repair retro equipment and, well, keep it alive. Anyone can submit items to add here and we’ll give proper accreditation.

TI99/4A DC BoardTI99/4AReplaces the existing power board to
allow the use of DC Power supplies
instead of the original AC supply
Gizmondo Battery AdaptorGizmondoAllows the use of an easy to source Sanyo DB-L40 battery instead of the failing original batteryEasyEDARE:Enthused
Vectrex Single Game BoardVectrexAllows the use of a 27C256 eprom to create a cartridge for the VectrexEasyEDARE:Enthused
Arcadia 2001 JoystickArcadia 2001A replacement screw in joystick for the Arcadia 2001 joypadsThingiverseRE:Enthused
Sinclair Spectrum + Leg SpringSinclair Spectrum +Replacement leg spring for the Sinclair Spectrum +ThingiverseRE:Enthused
Colecovision replacement power connectorColecovisionReplacement power connector for the ColecovisionThingiverseRE:Enthused
Fujitsu Ten Car Marty Accessory ConnectorFujitsu Ten Car MartyConnector for the accessory port on the Car Marty to help get Audio and VideoThingiverseRE:Enthused
VTech Socrates Composite replacement boxVTech SocratesA box that will sit in the same area as the RF modulator and accept 3 jacks for composite output (also has the description of how to perform the conversion)ThingiverseRE:Enthused
Composite modding the Casio PV-1000Casio PV-1000Composite modding the Casio PV-1000RE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
Adding an external 3.5″ drive to the Tatung EinsteinTatung EinsteinAdding an external 3.5″ drive to the Tatung EinsteinRE:EnthusedChris Cocall
RX-78 Cartridge InformationBandai RX-78 Personal ComputerRX-78 Cartridge InformationRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
Sega DreamEye PinoutSega DreamcastPinout for the Sega DreamEye connectorRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
RX-78 Joystick PinoutBandai RX-78 Personal ComputerPinout for the Bandai RX-78 Joystick portsRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
Fujitsu Ten Car Marty Floppy PinoutFujitsu Ten Car MartyPinout for the Floppy connector on the Fujitsu Ten Car MartyRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
Sony MPF520-1/04 PC FDD to Amiga conversionCommodore AmigaConvert a Sony MPF520-1/04 for use with the AmigaRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused
Son of Evil Cartridge ScanFuntech Super A’CanA scan of the Son of Evil cartridge from the Funtech Super A’CanRE:EnthusedRE:Enthused