NEC PC Engine Duo

NEC PC Engine Duo

4th Generation Competitors
Neo Geo CD Megadrive Super NES Neo Geo AES CDTV Philips CDI
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 21st Sep 1991 1995
North America 10th Oct 1992 1995
Europe NA NA  NA

Whilst the SuperGrafx was largely failing in the market, NEC kept pushing the PC Engine platform.  One of it’s various versions (and my personal favourite) was the PC Engine Duo.

The Duo took the PC Engine and combined it, in one sleek package, with the SuperCD addon.  It was certainly successful in terms of hardware, the unit was far more convenient than the previous add on units had been and was very reliable.

The Duo was also released in North America as the TurboDuo but never made it to Europe.


Processor 8 Bit HuC6280A @ 1.79 or 7.16 MHz
RAM 8K Work Ram, 64K Video Ram, 192K CD Cache
Custom Chips  1 x HuC6270A 16 bit video chips
Video 9 bits 482 colours on screen from a palette of 512
Audio 6 x PSG Channels
Removable storage  Single Speed CD Rom

PC Engine Duo