4th Generation Competitors
PC Engine Megadrive Super NES Neo Geo CD CDTV Philips CDI NEC SuperGrafx
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 1st Jul 1991 1997
North America 1st Jul 1991 1997
Europe NA NA  NA

SNK had a successful arcade platform in their MVS hardware, but they were feeling the pinch of a shrinking arcade and decided to increase profits by releasing a home version.

The AES was literally a boxed version of their arcade hardware with slight changes to the cartridge slot to stop people buying games from non home sources.

The benefit of this was some of the greatest visuals available in the home market and literally arcade perfect games, because they were taken directly from the arcade.

The downside was cost.  The hardware was exceptionally expensive compared to other consoles and the games were even worse.  This meant limited sales in the home.

SNK attempted to lower costs by releasing a CD based version of the AES, but even this was more expensive than the alternatives, plus the power advantage had largely been lost.


Processor Motorola 68000 @ 12MHz, Zilog Z80 @ 4MHz
RAM 64K + 64K Video Ram
ROM 512K
Custom Chips  SNK LSPC2-A2 @ 24MHz
Video 16 Bit 4,096 on screen from palette of 65,536
Audio Yamaha YM2610 4 FM Channels
Removable storage  PCMCIA SRAM Card

Neo Geo AES