Looking for article writers

Re-enthused is a website and YouTube channel dedicated to discussing everything retro. We have articles about Gaming, Television and Toys.

Because the website is a hobby and we have full-time jobs we’ve neglected it somewhat. Rather than the website being a hub for what we do it has, instead, just become a secondary device for the YouTube channel.

We want that to change, but to do that we need articles. If you have anything to say about the 70s, 80s, 90s or early 2000’s culture then please get in touch. We don’t have any money but if re-enthused starts making money somehow we’ll certainly share.

We also promise that your articles will ALWAYS be accredited to you, we won’t edit the meaning of your articles and we won’t force our own opinions on you (although we will allow competing articles).

Just drop us a message on twitter or email