CDTV / CD32 Resources


When creating a bootable iso for CDTV or CD32 do NOT edit the Startup-Sequence file outside of the Amiga environment.  You will add extra characters to the end of lines that will cause it to fail.  You can use an emulator to edit it.

If you are creating an iso for the CDTV then you need to call RMTM at the top of the Startup-Sequence to remove the CDTV trademark.  This isn’t required for CD32 but it won’t cause problems if it’s there.

the and files are needed (if you want to make a cd for both then use  This file is selected in the options for ISOCD.

If you want to create a bootable Workbench CD then just create a hard drive folder in UAE and copy the Workbench files across (or install it for later versions).  You can then use this drive as the source for ISOCD.

If you want to create a bootable game then you’ll need to install it using WHDLoad.

Description Device Download
ISOCD, run on an Amiga device (or emulator) to create a bootable iso CD32 / CDTV ZIP
Basic Workbench 1.3 CD CD32 / CDTV (requires mouse) CD32 / CDTV ISO
Convert Sony MPF520-1/04 to Amiga Amiga / CDTV Instructions

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