Bandai Playdia

Bandai Playdia

5th Generation Competitors
3DO Jaguar Saturn Playstation Nintendo 64 FM Towns Marty PC-FX Pippin CD32 Loopy
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 23rd Sep 1994 1996
North America NA NA  NA
Europe NA NA  NA

The Playdia was Bandai’s attempt to enter the fifth generation of consoles in 1994.  It was primarily aimed at young children and, as such, it’s specs were woefully underpowered compared to the other entrants.

Unfortunately Bandai had miscalculated the popularity of the more powerful consoles with it’s target audience and the console didn’t sell well.

In the end Bandai were really the only developer to develop for the system (except for a couple of games developed by VAP), the other publishers concentrated on the more powerful and popular machines.

To suit the simplicity of the machine it came with a single infra-red controller.



Processor Toshiba 8 bit TMP87C800F (Z80 derivative) @ 8 MHz,  NEC 8 bit μPD78214GC @ 12 MHz
RAM 256k
ROM 256k
Custom Chips
Video 8 bit colour
Audio 4 Channel 18-bit PCM
Removable storage Double Speed Drive