Super A’Can Son of Evil Cartridge Scan

The Super A’Can by Funtech is a rare machine with even rarer games and there isn’t a whole lot of information out there. One thing that was missing when we wrote this was basic pictures of the cartridge PCBs, so here’s a scan of the Son of Evil PCB. We’ll be adding circuit details later.

R11KBrown Black Red +Gold
R21KBrown Black Red +Gold
R31KBrown Black Red +Gold
CU1100nfCeramic Disc Capacitor 104Z
CU2100nfCeramic Disc Capacitor 104Z
CU3100nfCeramic Disc Capacitor 104Z
CU4100nfCeramic Disc Capacitor 104Z
CU5100nfCeramic Disc Capacitor 104Z
U2UM62256D-70LL28 Pin 256K Static Ram
U374F521PC20 Pin 8-Bit Identity Comparator
U4HD74LS04P 14 Pin Hex Inverter
U5Mask RomSeems to be 27C160 Compatible
U6 (opt)Mask Rom“”
D1Zener?seems like some kind of Zener diode
D2Zener?seems like some kind of Zener diode
BT1 (opt)3.3v coin cellBattery backup for SRAM module