Casio Loopy

Casio Loopy

5th Generation Competitors
3DO Jaguar Saturn Playstation Nintendo 64 FM Towns Marty PC-FX Pippin Playdia CD32
Region Release Date Discontinued Lifetime Sales
Japan 19th Oct 1995 Nov 1995
North America NA NA  NA
Europe NA NA  NA

The Loopy was an interesting concept, Casio decided that girls needed their own console and designed it with an in-built colour thermal printer.  Because it was a girls console all the games revolved around dressing up characters, with the ability to print the result to the printer.

Casio found out, within weeks, of the release that girls did in fact play consoles, they played the same ones the boys did and weren’t interested in a console that didn’t have the same games as mainstream ones.

The Loopy was discontinued almost immediately.  11 games in total were released in cartridge format.  You could also buy a mouse to use instead of the included game pad (which is quite nice btw).

An accessory called Magic Shop was available.  This was, in essence, a capture device that allowed you to use captured video to make stickers.

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