Bandai RX-78 Gundam Personal Computer Joystick Pinout

The Bandai RX-78 uses a proprietary joystick port with an 8 pin din.  This din should be a 2-3-3 layout with all pins symmetrical.  It also makes use of two ground connections, Ground 1 provides Fire, Left and Up when connected to the relevant pins and Ground 2 provides Right and Down.

Port as seen when looking at the machine

Pin Description
1 Ground 2
2 Left / Right
3 NC
4 NC
5 NC
6 Up / Down
7 Ground 1
8 Fire

Delivery from Buyee, Unboxing Japanese auction items

Japanese Delivery Unboxing

We buy a lot of stuff from japan using the middle-man service provided by (other services do exist, this is just our favourite).

Remember, if you buy from a different country you *might* be subject to customs charges when it enters your home country.  If you’re unlucky you’ll get a pretty vindictive customs agent who checks prices on eBay to calculate costs rather than what you actually paid for the item – so be careful.

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200 Subscriber thank you competition

The big 1000 subscriber competition is still running but we figured we’d run a smaller competition for the subscribers that have already joined us over on

So on the 2nd of June at 18:00 GMT we’ll run a draw for everyone subscribed at that time.  The prize is a really nice (in our opinion) Final Fantasy II branded Bandai Wonderswan in a presentation box with a copy of the game and a Final Fantasy loop strap.

Just subscribe to our channel, follow us on Twitter and you’ll be in the draw.

Terms and Conditions

Obviously we do have some terms and conditions (as all our competitions do).  We will attempt to send the prize to the winner wherever they are, but in some circumstances (legal, financial) this may not be possible.

Employees of re-enthused or Roguegunners Productions are not permitted to take part, neither are their family, close friends or beloved pets.

The draw will be live if possible or recorded and will be made using the names that are available within 2 hours of the draw taking place.  The draw will be made using an online site dedicated to random selection and tested with number sequences.

  • There is no cash equivalent to the prize.
  • Anyone who is not known as a subscriber at the time of selection (within 2 hours of the draw) will not be included.
  • We will endeavour to get the item to you as soon and as safely as possible, but we do not take blame for lost prizes, broken prizes or an inability to get the item due to issues outside of our control.