Sinclair Spectrum

In 1980 the computer revolution was just underway a British inventor and entrepreneur, Clive Sinclair, decided to make computing available to the masses. He released the ZX80, a computer powered by the Z80, as a kit and fully built. This 1K machine was a revolution and quickly followed up by the ZX81 which fixed some flaws.

Then in 1982 he released the ZX Spectrum. This was an iteration of the ZX80 line but improved in every area, including starting at 16K, but more popular in its 48K configuration.

The Spectrum became the UK’s most popular computer and kickstarted the games industry as we know it.

Release History

ModelManufacturerDateRelease Price
ZX Spectrum 16KSinclair23/04/1982£125
ZX Spectrum 48KSinclair23/04/1982£175
ZX Spectrum 48K +SinclairOctober 1984£179.95
ZX Spectrum 128Sinclair
January 1986£179.95
ZX Spectrum +2AmstradJanuary 1987£149.00
ZX Spectrum +3AmstradNovember 1987£249.00
ZX Spectrum +2AAmstradDecember 1987£139.00


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