Lets look at: Bandai Apple @Work Pippin: Apple’s gaming folly Part 2

Bandai Apple Pippin Part 2

Apple’s relationship with games has always been a little confused, but during the PowerMac era when they were trying to gain market share in any way possible gaming was seen as a possibility.

Enter the Apple Pippin architecture, a hardware reference based on the Quadra PowerMac line and featuring an entry level 603 processor.  Apple hoped to sell this to manufactures as a way of gaining access to the living room.

In the end only two manufacturers joined the program, Bandai who concentrated on Japan and North America and Katz Media who released the European version.

In the end the high cost and relative lack of performance to the rest of the Fifth Generation  consoles killed the project.  Japan and North America saw less than 100,000 sales combined and Europe only ever saw a very limited release before being cancelled.